We Are A Family-Oriented Paintball Field

We do not allow:  

A. Alcoholic drinks nor illegal drugs

B. Real guns, knives nor anything we consider dangerous

C. Arguing with other players or referees and absolutely no physical contact

D. Clothing or equipment with we consider socially unacceptable vulgar pictures or words

E. Cursing or any language which we consider socially unacceptable behavior

Our Rules:

1.  There will be a referee with your group during your stay here.  He will stop and start the games.  Our games are from ten to fifteen minutes long.  Between games everyone will go back to the safety zone for a five minute break.  During this break, please get ready for the next game.  

2.  Each field has specific boundaries which the referee will explain.  Do not go past them.

3.  We have safety zones:  Areas with special netting which paintballs cannot penetrate.  This is where you may remove your face mask.  Keep your mask on at all times you are outside this area.  

4.  All paintball guns must have a barrel bag over the end of the barrel.  Keep this bag on at all times except when you are on the playing field.

5.  All paintball guns are set at 280 feet per second or lower.

6. You may use your own equipment providing masks are designed and manufactured for paintball.  All electronic markers must have ramping turned off.

7.  Do not hit anyone (from behind them ) closer than 20 feet.  Call out surrender. The person does not have to surrender but give him a chance to surrender.

8.  When you are hit, call out “Hit”, raise your hands, cover the barrel with the barrel bag, walk to the safety zone, enter the safety zone and remove your mask.

9.  You are ‘out’ when the ball hits you anywhere on your body, it counts whether it breaks or bounces off of you.

If the gun is hit it does not count except during the game called  ‘House Assault’.

10. If you rent one of our masks and are hit in the lens, do not wipe on it or try to clean it in any manner.  Take the mask to the main counter and they will clean it for you.

11. Do not pick up paintballs off the ground because they will jam the gun.  Dirt will cling to them and they absorb moisture and swell up thereby clogging the gun.  

12. Keep your feet on the ground.  Do not climb on anything such as roofs, trees, thru windows, etc.

11. We have lights on our fields: DO NO SHOOT THEM   Do not break the glass in the busses.

12.  Minimum age is a rough and tough ten year old and above.

13.  You must buy paintballs here.



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